About Us

Hundley Advisors is much more than a Tax Service or Tax Accounting Firm. We are Accountants, Business Advisors, and Tax Coaches. We don’t just help you grow your business and revenue; we help you keep more of that revenue in your pocket while growing your business!

Most accountants look at your revenue and expenses only once a year – when they are filing your taxes. We take a different approach. We start by looking ahead and making a plan for your business that will enable you to take every advantage of the complicated IRS laws that many other accountants don’t understand as well as we do. Then we create a plan – a sort of “revenue roadmap” – that you use throughout the year to ensure your expenses are all aligned with the deductions that save you the most money in taxes. That’s because, at Hundley Advisors, we know that planning ahead enables you to pay much less in taxes than looking back at what you have already spent.

But we don’t stop there. While most tax accountants will call you when it’s time to file your taxes, we talk to our clients much more frequently. We want to ensure your business is growing according to the plan. Hundley Advisors works as your business partner, providing insights into topics other accountants don’t discuss – because they don’t have the knowledge of taxes and tax code that we do.

Have you ever had a conversation with your accountant about how to save on taxes? We have those conversations with our clients all the time, because we have been trained to apply the Tax Code to your benefit to maximize your deductions. A Certified Tax Coach has advanced training and knowledge of tax law. Our clients bring us in to help them minimize their taxes while remaining compliant with the law in complicated financial situations.

Think your tax accountant is good enough? Let us review your filing from last year to see if we can find you savings you overlooked. If we can’t, the review is on us! Call today to schedule a Complimentary Consultation and let us let us help skip your next tax payment!