Beyond Taxes: Financial Consulting To Help Your Business

Almost every business leader discusses budget and cash flow with their accountant, but there are other financial decisions that affect your company’s growth, health, and profitability that should be discussed with your accountant too. It’s not uncommon for business leaders to think of their accountant only as the person who files their taxes and balances their books, but there are other ways we at Hundley Advisors work with our clients that impact your company’s finances too.

Among the areas we routinely discuss with our clients are:

  • Strategic ways to improve cash flow;
  • Capital investment, equity financing or bank loans in the works.
  • Any major investments, gifting or charitable giving planned;
  • Getting up-to-date on retirement planning and wealth management;

Even when we cannot directly help you with one of these areas, they are important for us to understand, and we have established a network of trusted advisors with deep expertise in their fields to whom we can refer you when necessary.

Strategic Improvement of Cash Flow

Cash flow issues can be caused by any number of things related to pricing, volume, invoicing, and management of expenditures and receivables, or even inventory and staffing. There are many ways to improve your cash flow, but not all will be right for your business. Our advisors take a wholistic approach to looking at your financial records to figure out when and where you might experience cash flow issues. Then we design processes that strategically improve your cash flow.

Capital Investment, Equity Financing, And Bank Loans

Capital investments are typically made to increase operational capacity, capture a larger share of the market, and generate more revenue. But the terms and rates on some of loan instruments may make them a bad idea for your company. We work with our clients to ensure that you can get the funds you need with terms you can afford, and achieve the goals you set for your business growth.

Major Investments, Gifting, and Planned Giving

We can help you in a couple of ways with any investment, gifting or planned giving you are thinking of doing. We will help you complete the due diligence to ensure any investments you make are prudent and provide the best chance of return. We also consult with you about the tax ramifications of any investment decisions, and can help you devise a strategy that minimizes both your tax burden and potential for loss.

Exit and Retirement Planning and Wealth Management

We tell our clients that the time to start planning for their exit is the day before they open for business. It’s not just a good idea for the exit from your business. This planning typically has a very beneficial effect on company growth. We can help you create the plan for pursuing your dream, and put you in touch with wealth managers who specialize in wealth building and post-retirement wealth preservation.

I’m happy to serve as the point person for any questions you may have, and will ensure your answers are coming from the most qualified person. If you want more information, let’s have a conversation.