Is Your Accountant Pro-Active?

  1. Does your accountant come to you with proactive concepts and strategies for saving money?
  2. Has he or she shown you how to structure your business to minimize employment taxes?
  3. Has he or she shown you how to write off your family’s medical bills as a business expense?
  4. Has he or she shown you how you can hire children (or grandchildren, if the prospect sounds older) to shift income from yourself to them?
  5. Has he or she helped you choose the right retirement plan for your business?
  6. Has he or she shown you how to use “cost segregation” to maximize depreciation deductions on your business property?
  7. Does he or she meet with you this time of year to discuss your business, or does he just wait until taxes are due?
  8. Has he or she given you a plan for maximizing taxes, or does he just wing it every year?

If these questions stimulate your curiosity that’s great. Right now the folks at Hundley Burn are offering a limited numbers of those “first to respond” a free Tax Analysis.

We’ll find the mistakes and missed opportunities that may be costing you thousands today, discuss the new changes and how they affect you and discover where you may be vulnerable to these changes. We guarantee you’ll take away new information, or we’ll donate $50 to your favorite charity. So call now to schedule your Tax Analysis, and be ready for whatever Washington throws your way!
Call me at 973-940-0175 for your free Tax Analysis.

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