Tax Strategies

Most business owners have a historical view of their tax filing. It tells you what you did that resulted in the tax bill you now have to pay. At Hundley Advisors, we’re different. We take a forward-looking approach to create a strategy and plan that minimizes your tax burden using IRS-sanctioned methods.


Do you know how much you may be overpaying in taxes? Most business owners don’t, and any amount of overpayment is like giving the government an interest free loan. It’s also money you could have been using to grow your company. Hundley Advisors can help to reduce your tax burden by creating and applying a tax strategy that fits your business.


When one of our business clients came to us to review their previous year’s tax return, they had already paid more than $200,000 in taxes. We reviewed their return, revisited the way they characterized deductions, found additional deductions they were entitled to take, and sped up the depreciation of assets the business owns. In the end, the client got back more than $150,000 – which they had overpaid.

A Tax Consultant That Can Save You Money

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Taking a historical approach is not good for your business when it comes to minimizing your tax burden. Many companies are paying far more in taxes than they need to, so if this sounds like you, please know that you are not alone. Our tax planning professionals give you the information you need to make the decisions which are right for you and your organization.


We are able to analyze every aspect of your financial affairs, from review of your accounting structure to advance business planning and problem solving. Once we have completed the review, we can create a plan that will minimize your taxes and maximize your financial growth. We can also be very instrumental in minimizing your tax bill after the sale of a business property.


As seasoned tax advisers and business planners, we understand the need for on-going support and guidance throughout the financial year. That’s why we meet with our clients on a regular basis. Our team is committed to offering the high-grade support you need to make the right financial decisions for your organization; increasing the chances of sustainable growth and making sure you only pay as much tax as you need to. To discover more about what we can offer, or to discuss your requirements in more detail, click here to schedule an appointment or call us at (973) 940-0175.