Is Your Accountant Pro-Active?

Does your accountant come to you with proactive concepts and strategies for saving money? Has he or she shown you how to structure your business to minimize employment taxes? Has he or she shown you how to write off your family's medical bills as a business expense? Has he or she shown you how you [...]

This Year, Put the IRS in Your New Year’s Resolutions!

January 1 is already here, and for millions of Americans, that means resolving to lose weight, quit smoking, drink less, volunteer more, or travel to new and exciting destinations. Seeking public support, we post our resolutions on Facebook and other social media, and even make bets with our friends over who will succeed more magnificently. [...]

What Does Washington Have in Store for Your Taxes?

As you already know, the new administration has just completed a monumental change to the Federal Tax system affecting businesses and individuals in ways that require more understanding. The federal budget deficit is now over a trillion dollars. And all that money has to come from somewhere. Where do you think it will come from? [...]

Hundley Burn Introduces Tax Coaching Service

Mount Olive, New Jersey–Mt. Olive accounting and financial consulting firm Hundley Burn, is pleased to announce the firm has added tax coaching to their list of professional services. The new service gives clients a plain-English plan for beating the IRS – legally. “Traditional tax ‘planning’ crunches numbers to illustrate ‘what-if’ scenarios based on future assumptions,” [...]

Time Is Running Out To Beat The IRS!

Do you think you pay too much in taxes? Are you confident you’re taking advantage of every legal break? Do you wish your tax advisor did more than just file your tax return? I’ve got bad news; I’ve got good news; and I’ve got more bad news. The bad news is, you’re right. You do [...]

Here’s How to Beat the IRS. Legally!

Are you confident you’re taking advantage of every tax break you deserve? The world is full of tax preparers who can put the “right” numbers in the “right” boxes on the “right” forms by the “right” deadlines. But then they call it a day. What are they doing to make sure you get all the [...]