Five Signs You’re About to Face a Major Cash Flow Issue

September 27, 2022

As a business owner, you need to have a clear picture of your cash flow at all times. When you have a healthy cash flow, you’ll have the funds you need to invest in your business and grow over time. If your cash flow is negative, it could limit your ability to invest and grow. […]

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Two Tax Strategies You Are Probably Overlooking

September 13, 2022

Planning around things that can have an impact on your tax burden needs to happen all year long, not just at tax filing time. In fact, we have found that our clients save the most when we have periodic conversations with them throughout the year. Many things that can have the greatest impact on your […]

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What’s Killing Your Profitability?

August 30, 2022

Are you working harder but still watching your company’s profitability decline? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the financial challenges that your business is facing? If you do, you are certainly not alone. Of all the possible reasons for lack of business success, financial challenges and drops in profitability are the most common. Here are […]

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Leases and Taxes

August 16, 2022

Strategically using leases can have a major impact on your business growth and profitability. Your accountant can help you understand how leases can impact your business, and it’s a good idea to include them in these discussions. Leasing equipment versus real estate has different costs and benefits, but you need a solid strategy for maximizing […]

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Beyond Taxes: Financial Consulting To Help Your Business

August 2, 2022

Almost every business leader discusses budget and cash flow with their accountant, but there are other financial decisions that affect your company’s growth, health, and profitability that should be discussed with your accountant too. It’s not uncommon for business leaders to think of their accountant only as the person who files their taxes and balances […]

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Some Sales Tax Basics

July 19, 2022

Do you have to collect and pay sales tax? If you offer products for sale, you may have a good idea about when you do or do not need to charge sales tax, but how much do you truly understand about sales tax? It’s not a simple topic anymore. If your company is service-based, you […]

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Cash Flow Management Tips During Inflation

July 5, 2022

Lately I have been getting a lot more questions and comments about cash flow given the current rate of inflation. There have even been some concerns about the possibility of a recession, and how that will affect businesses that are coming off of two years of lower-than-average gross revenue. Right now, with interest rates rising […]

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Are You Using Internal Controls to Manage Risk?

June 21, 2022

Close to 75% of small businesses don’t have a plan in place to protect their business from operational disruptions—either planned or unplanned – or employee actions and mistakes. You may have business continuity insurance, but that’s only designed to help after the fact. It doesn’t remove the risk or prevent it from happening. Internal controls […]

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Top Five Business Financial Issues

June 7, 2022

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the financial challenges your business faces? If you do, you are certainly not alone. Of all the possible reasons for lack of business success, financial challenges are the most common. Here are five common financial challenges business leaders face and how to handle them. Cash Flow Inconsistent cash flow […]

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Inventory and Profitability

May 31, 2022

Unless you manage your inventory carefully, it can pose a major barrier – and even risk – to financial growth. Right now, with goods and materials sometimes difficult to obtain and prices increasing rapidly, companies need to manage their cash flow carefully. Otherwise, the opportunity for growth can turn into major losses. You also need […]

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