Real Estate Strategies

Whether your business owns or leases the property you work from, there are potential tax implications that need to be planned for.
Many business leaders believe they must limit the amount of loss on properties that they own. Others put off making investments in, or improvements to, real estate because they believe they can only depreciate these improvements over a ten-year period. That’s not always true.

Hundley Advisors has the experience and knowledge to help you purchase and improve real estate assets in ways that benefit your company sooner. We create strategies that give you more power to decide how much – and when – to invest in your company. We have found more than $100,000 in revenue savings by applying advanced tax strategies. How much might we find for you?

We also work with Real Estate Investors to maximize the amount of revenue you can keep after selling one property while you search for your next investment. We work alongside top attorneys to ensure that you have a properly established 1031 – which is crucial in avoiding a large tax bill on capital gains. But you don’t need to be a huge Real Estate Investment company to benefit from our knowledge and experience. We work with small- and medium-size companies every day.


Reduce The Sting Of Taxes In A Sale

If you are planning on selling a business property but using the proceeds to purchase a new property, you may be able to use a 1031 exchange to avoid a potentially high tax bill. This is not appropriate for every sale of a business property and there are specific conditions and restrictions you need to be aware of before you use this approach.

Our business tax planners and business growth consultants can help you understand when this might be an appropriate strategy for your company, and we can facilitate the establishment of the exchange. Call us before you plan to sell though, because it is too late to use some of these strategies after the contract is signed.

Even if you are not selling a property, our tax coaches can ensure your bill from the IRS is as small as possible.


Smarter Lease Management

If you are leasing a property, there are different strategies we can assist you with that will also maximize how much of your hard-earned revenue you can keep. Hundley Advisors takes a holistic view of your business to ensure your company grows as fast as possible. We have a single goal: To maximize your company’s financial health and help you achieve the goals you set for your business.

Our approach always takes a forward-thinking perspective which gives us the ability to help your company become and remain as profitable as possible.

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